Ame Odom, LVN, IBCLC

Board Certified Lactation Consultant

With over 12 years experience, and ten thousand families later, I am so happy to continue serving my community, supporting parents in their feeding goals, not with my agenda but with each unique family's vision in mind, we will get there together.

You got this mama! I am with you!

xo, Ame

Trusted, confident, and compassionate care, in your own home.

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The Problem

The Lactation Consultant in the hospital was able to help me, things were going well. When we got home everything changed and I didn’t know what to do or how to find help. Web searches left me with more questions and worries. I know there must be a better solution for us!

Our Solutions

In home consultations

Starting at $249 plus travel fees for new patients

  • One on one maternal and baby assessment evaluation and care planning
  • Feed baby in your space, not in a cold office environment
  • Spend quality time really addressing your needs as a family together with me, let me help hold the responsibility of whether your feedings are working
  • Support for days to come, once I leave the consult, I’m still there supporting you

Virtual Consultations

Secure videocare $149 For new patients

  • Convenient scheduling evening times available, giving you quick care and answers
  • Quality, personalized care and dedicated support when In Home Care is not available
  • Private and secure VideoCare
  • Continued support for days to come

Client Feedback

William C.

We reached out to Ame from Milk and Cookies Lactation 1 week postpartum with our first baby. We were worried our baby had problems latching, or feeding effectively. Ame set our minds at ease, and gave us a simple strategy to follow. One thing we really appreciated about Ame is that she didn’t make us feel bad when we expressed doubts about breast feeding and possibly wanting to exclusively pump. She also kept her line open in case we had questions or concerns, and followed up with us promptly. Ultimately, her help and advice helped us navigate this hurdle as first time parents, and gave us the confidence to continue our breastfeeding journey. We definitely recommend her and are so happy we reached out.

Kaitlyn K.

I have been working with Ame on nursing with my second child and she’s been an absolute blessing! She’s knowledgeable, supportive, and exactly the person you want in your corner during the stressful weeks of early postpartum and the newborn stage. Not only is she highly professional but has the calm and caring presence of a long time friend. If you are considering lactation support, look no further. I cannot recommend her enough!

Bernae T.

Ame came in to help us with breastfeeding. She was immediately reassuring that needing to supplement and introduce a bottle didn’t mean that breastfeeding was not possible. She worked with us on correct positioning and shield sizing. It was a night and day difference. He started latching and we were able to start breastfeeding that day! She has been there for me to answer all my questions about normal sleeping and eating patterns. Ame has made me feel confident that we are doing a great job breastfeeding and we will just keep growing and improving!

Laura A.

Ame was an amazing help when I was struggling with mastitis. She provided guidance to treat the mastitis but also gave me lots of recommendations as an exclusively pumping mother and followed up with me multiple times. Highly recommend her as she's a joy to work with and she has seen it all in her 18 years of experience.

Amanda N.

After weeks of struggling to nurse and our baby not gaining weight, we scheduled an appointment with Ame who was able to help me get into a more comfortable position, ensure she was nursing long enough on each side and gave me peace of mind that it wasn’t a latching issue or other potential medical issue. Ame was phenomenal and super sweet and personable and made me feel comfortable. Our girl went from 9 pounds to 13+ pounds in less than a month!!


maternal and infant history,

assessment and care planning

3 days unlimited

messaging support


faxed reports

Detailed superbill for insurance submission




In Home

New Patient

90 min


+ travel



New Patient

60 min


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Contact Information

Phone / Mobile Number


Contact Ame for a full list of services and pricing

All services are billed as cash pay, invoices are sent at scheduling and due prior to appointment time. Services are covered at 100% with most HSA/Flex plans. Paid superbills are given at time of service for the patient to submit to insurance for out of network claim.

E-mail Address


Do you accept insurance?

I do not accept insurance. My services are covered 100% with HSA or Flex accounts and I can provide a superbill for

each visit for you to file an out-of-network claim for possible reimbursement from your insurance provider.

What is the travel fee?

Travel fees are based on miles traveled from my address to yours. It is a one time fee.

For example your house is 18 miles from mine, I will charge $20.00 once for each visit.

Can you help with pumping?

I can confidently help with all things breastfeeding and milk making, and yes, definitely pumping.

How soon can I schedule?

I can accomodate most in home appointment requests to be seen within 24 hours.

Virtual appointments can usually be scheduled within a couple hours if needed.

Can I just text or call you to ask about services?

Absolutely! Send a text or call 972-885-7497